Matthias Schmutz

Multi disciplined Swiss designer made in New Zealand, travelling Europe.

A passionate problem solver and visualist with an obsession for exploring the possibilities the information era along with the ever growing digital landscape present us with.

I aim to create strategic, user focused experiences that are seamlessly subtle or deliberately disruptive which in-turn earn attention of the consumer and help brands evolve.

Approaching situations as opportunities to build stronger relationships, through understanding objectives and conceiving functional outcomes which resonate to the intended audience.


I love to venture into the unexpected with concepts that resonate to the intended audience and communicate the message at hand in a way that cuts through the noise.


My understanding of code and technology allows me to communicate with clients and collaborating with developers to produce digital outcomes that go beyond expectations.


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The brand, objectives, audiences and opportunities are all critical to consider before making a move but how deep are you ready to go? Forward isn’t always straight forward.